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Dental Fillings

You often hear that certain products or procedures help to prevent dental cavities, but what are cavities, and what causes them? Cavities are holes or pits in a tooth where bacteria has literally eaten away the enamel and the dentin, leaving a gap. Allowed to continue, cavities can lead to pain and even tooth loss.

There are many causes of tooth decay and cavities. The primary cause is bacteria left to accumulate and fester in the mouth. Everyone has some bacteria in their mouth, but regular dental cavity prevention techniques, such as twice-daily brushing and flossing, can help to keep cavities at bay. We are fortunate in Atlanta to have some fluoride in our water; however, be aware that if you use water filters, fluoride is removed.

Dental fillings, long considered a staple of traditional dental work are still around today, though the method and technology has advanced considerably. Most people are familiar with fillings as dental work because they are usually the first line of defense and recommended treatment option for tooth decay caused by cavities. Fillings may also be necessary for teeth with structural damage from things like teeth grinding, which is a not uncommon in the adult population.

When caught early, a dentist can fill in cavity gaps and stop their spread. Cavity fillings replace the lost enamel and dentin and give your tooth a smooth, natural feel again. At Family Dental Care of Marietta, we offer composite fillings (tooth colored) or amalgam fillings (silver colored) depending on the size and location of the cavity.



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